• One of the latest investments of our company is the management of a storage warehouse for third part  located at a key point of the city on the highway Durres - Tirane km 4 with surface 3150m2 cover and 10000 m2 open space.
  • And also a bounded warehouse only 500 m away Durres port with a surface 1500 m2 cover and 3000 m2 open space


DyrrahSped sh.pk was founded in 1993 based in Durres, the first President and Administrator of the company was Mr. ShpetimProdani.  We operate in the road transport sector with its quality services since 1998.


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Lagja 3, Sheshi "Liria", EGT Center, Kati 7, Durres, Albania 2001

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+355 52 221635/33


+355 692080351