• DyrrahSped  has been partner in national projects such as oil wells ,hydro central,
  •  Our experience is based from the leading European companies in the field of heavy transportation services. DyrrahSped  is able to be adapt to various challenges of project cargoes.
 Both Albanian and foreign investors have trusted us to take part in projects like:
  • Transportation of fuel tanks for oil stations in Porto Romano, Durres, Fier.
  • Petrol searching and drilling in Fier
  • Landfill in Elbasan

  Quality and safety are our main objective in this service. Thanks to our powerful vehicles and specialized project team, DyrrahSped does the project planning as well as it handles the whole journey of the cargo.


DyrrahSped was founded in 1993 based in Durres, the first President and Administrator of the company was Mr. ShpetimProdani.  We operate in the road transport sector with its quality services since 1998.


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Lagja 3, Sheshi "Liria", EGT Center, Kati 7, Durres, Albania 2001

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+355 52 221635/33


+355 692080351