Dyrrahsped sh.p.k is one of the first Albanian truck transportation companies. The company offers domestic and international transportation services. That is why the company has improved its resources and capabilities to offer responsiveness, secure and effective transportation within South-Eastern Europe countries. However, thanks to our global partners, Dyrrahsped is able to fulfill all clients demands for worldwide transportation. To service your need for transportation of various types of cargo we have a wide variety of trailer types. Each trailer type is suitable for a specific purpose whether you need transportation of standard-sized or out-of-gauge cargo. 

Our assets for trucking are:

  •     4 X 2                      Tractor Units – MAN / IVECO or similar 20 Units Scania, Daf, Iveco (Euro 5 & 6 Year production 2012 an UP)
  •     6 x 2                      Tractor Units – MAN / IVECO or similar…………. 2 Units
  •     6 x 4                      Tractor Units – MAN / IVECO or similar…………  2 Units
  •     4 x 2                      Closed truck (ca 3500kgs) /w tail lift or van (ca 2000 kgs)…….5 Units
  •     8 x 6                      Tractor Units – MAN / IVECO or similar…………  1 Units
  •     Cranes                  50 ton crane (valid certification)………………  3 Units from 60 Tons to 90 Tons


DyrrahSped was founded in 1993 based in Durres, the first President and Administrator of the company was Mr. ShpetimProdani.  We operate in the road transport sector with its quality services since 1998.


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Lagja 3, Sheshi "Liria", EGT Center, Kati 7, Durres, Albania 2001

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+355 52 221635/33


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